When buying a crossbow, it is important to find the right combination of good shoot and low price. Luckily, there is a wide range of the exceptional models behind the $500 threshold to choose from. They have both advanced features and reliable functioning. Let’s delve deeper into seven unique best crossbow under 500 that provide exceptional value without breaking the bank:Let’s delve deeper into seven unique best crossbow under 500 that provide exceptional value without breaking the bank:

1. Wicked’s Ridge Rampage 360

The Wicked Ridge Rampage 360 is the year-in-year-out favorite among best crossbow under 500 buyers who desire a rifle-like power packed in a bow-like size and shape for enhanced user-friendliness. It is featured with lightweight material, enabling hunters to transport the device, especially on long trips, but still keeps the speed and range of shots. The velocity rate of the Rampage 360 stands at 360 feet per second (FPS). With that power, hunting different game types becomes possible.

2. BARNETT Whitetail Hunter

The BARNETT Whitetail Hunter STR is a model from the hunter range of the rifles, STR stands for ‘Straight-in-Shaft’ type of arrow that hunters will enjoy for its accuracy and reliability. Blend metal and woods and you would get an impressive crossbow that could be responsibly used in deer hunting or other kinds of game.

The Whitetail Hunter STR has a strongpoint in being a compact small model and light in weight which helps maneuver around the tightness of the places and carry during long distances. Besides, the crossbow comes with a scope of the highest level that provides you with the maximum accuracy and precision, which makes it the weapon with the best chances of success.

3. Killer Instinct Boss 405

The Killer Instinct Boss 405 is the one to watch if you are looking for a running shoe with all-round performance capabilities, convenience, or casual elegance. This high speed crossbow shooting with 405 FPS can be fatal to any type of game including those that are tough and challenging.

One may observe that Boss 405 has a particular feature in its form of the total package being free in the formation package, which offers everything that is demanded for hunting without having to purchase additional tools. From a good binocular to a quiver and more, everything needed to start is already encompassed, which is both time saving and economical as you won’t have to buy all the tools separately.

4. CenterPoint Amped 425

The Centerpoint Amped 425 is the latest crossbow model from this line and is SCORPION-woods crosshist crossbow designed for hunters looking for speed and accuracy. This crossbow’s velocity rating of 400 FPS includes blistering arrow speeds that efficiently accomplish the target, making the shot reach its site with precision and force.

Among the impressive performance settings of the Amped 425 one can name a scope with high precision and shot adjustable stock worth of attention. With these, you can tailor the crossbow to your shooting, which will bring you tighter gaps and shots that are altogether more consistent.

5. Bear X Intense

The Bear X Intense crossbow is very effective when it comes to conflicting qualities of efficiency and comfort level. Equipped with reverse draw bow, this weapon has greater balance of weight as well as accuracy relative to normal ones, which makes it the best option for hunters who like precision handling

One of the major advantages of the Intense is its enjoyable shooting experience, notwithstanding the comfy gun handle and the soft draw of the handgun. Moreover the crossbow comes standard with a top notch telescopic sight and a well-adjustable stock that lets you configure as desired to your personal aim at the highest level of efficiency.

6. Barnett TS 380

The Barnett TS 380 best crossbow under 500 is a certified deer hunter, allowing you to accurately meet targets. Measuring in at compact size and weight, this bow is easy to handle in tight places or rough terrains and is a good choice for hunting in dense forests or wooded regions.

The multi-talented TS 380 is very well-known for its high-velocity rating, which enables you to unveil your inner-hunter without fear of failing. As an added bonus, the crossbow also has a high-quality scope and a stock that can be adjusted to your needs so that you not only have what you give your best you have, but you also make the shot with the most.

7. Excalibur Matrix G340

For the latter who are into recurve crossbows, the Excalibur Matrix G340 may be a good option. Highly respected for its reliability and durability, this crossbow gives you a highly consistent performance, shot for shot, day after day, making it a weapon of choice for serious seasoned hunters.

The upkeep of Matrix G340 is one of the key features of the device. In fact, the design is so simple that almost anybody can manage the upkeep with no problem. Contrary to compound crossbows, the latter requires periodic tuning and maintenance, the recurve is low-maintenance, tough and to stand the test of time. Moreover, the crossbow is supplied with an excellent scope and rotatable stock, so you can accumulate the accessories as well as adjust them to your ideal for a top-notch performance.


To conclude, each of these seven skirmishes provides the various features which distinguishes them from the others and to use as a choice for the under budget hunters. Depending on which elements you consider priority, speed, accuracy, or comfort, there’s a crossbow model that fits your purpose. So why wait? Pick the best crossbow under 500 from the list of options presented and be one more step close to converting your hunting dreams into reality!